Dr. Gerard Jellig has helped improve many educational institutions and is a respected member of the academic community.

As principal of KIPP DC, a part of the National Charter School Network, Jerry Jellig turned the school from one that had the highest suspension rate and lowest achievement data in the network to one that now has the lowest suspension rate, highest GPA and best academic data in the National Charter School Network.

Dr. Gerard Jellig is also someone that school districts have consulted on budgeting and human resources management because of his many years of experience in the education field, which started with a double bachelor’s degree in history and secondary education from Providence College in 1993 and has led him all the way to being the superintendent and board member of South Brunswick School District in New Jersey.

In his current roles with South Brunswick School District, Jerry Jellig oversees 9,000 students and 1,300 staff across 12 schools. Dr. Gerard Jellig has also managed a $150 million budget through two consecutive clean audits and was able to get one of the district’s schools removed from state monitoring because of the progress it had shown under his leadership.

Along with being an adjunct professor of organizational theory at the University Pennsylvania, Jerry Jellig also shares his education expertise in academic publications such as EdWeek.org.

In his piece defending the No Child Left Behind Act, Dr. Gerard Jellig revealed some excellent points and makes bold and informed proclamations such as “The No Child Left Behind Act is indeed the most progressive development in public education since Brown v. Board of Education.”

Jerry Jellig is no stranger to professional presentations and organizations. He has been an Obama-Singh fellow since 2015, making him a member of a team of scholars and practitioners that partner with Indian education ministry to evaluate educational programs.

Dr. Jellig has also been a member of the University of Pennsylvania Alumni GSE Board of Trustees since 2013, where he serves as the Chair of Communications, helping organize and lead urban partnerships with Philadelphia Public Schools.

Since 2004, Jerry Jellig has also been a proud member of the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development. In this role he serves as a national presenter on team-building, literacy across the curriculum, goal setting, and action research.

Dr. Gerard Jellig also shared his wisdom on the ‘Another Thing with Larry Mendte’ YouTube channel back in 2016.